IoT Denmark A/S is constructing a cellular-like network just for the ”things” on the Internet of Things!

We are proud to hold the exclusive rights to SIGFOX technology in Denmark and are currently accelerating the process of deploying and operating a new, national network to cater for customers and partners in all segments. This network will be available for testing and Proof of Concept projects (in selected areas) from August 2016 and available for full operation countrywide in 1Q2017.

IoT - Redefined

Sigfox’ technology and networks are already deployed in a number of European countries as well as in the Middle and Far East, USA and Australia. What sets Sigfox in a class of it’s own is the fact that it operates in free spectrum (868Mhz – Industry, Scientific and Medicinal – ISM band), a so called Ultra Narrowband Long Range radio network.

Thus, IoT Denmark and Sigfox offer a new type of connectivity which is fully dedicated to compact data messages as generated by multitudes of sensors. Operating expenses are extremely low in comparison to other incumbent technologies and the network is extremely robust and scalable.

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Why SIGFOX solutions are better


SIGFOX solutions offer many advantages over competing systems (e.g. GSM):

  • Lower prices for deployment, connectivity and operation
  • Very low power requirements and long battery life
  • No SIM cards
  • Cheaper chipsets
  • High security
  • Flexible data protocols
  • Can co-exist with existing systems and thus provide essential backup connectivity
  • Plug and play deployment

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In The Long Run

SIGFOX has established national networks in more than 20 countries across the globe. Therefore, IoT Denmark is able to deliver tried and tested solutions to our customers.

SIGFOX Base Stations and devices are low power devices and sensors can lie dormant (sleep) until required to send or receive data. Because of this, battery life in e.g. a watermeter can be up to 16 years!

EMR (Electromagnetic Radiation) from SIGFOX devices is 1/1000 of the radiation from mobile phones. Furthermore, SIGFOX offers satellite based solutions for offshore deployment of the Internet of Things.

Industry leaders such as SAP™ and Microsoft Azure™ provide integrated SIGFOX solutions thus increasing usability and operational functionality of the SIGFOX ecosystem.


IoT Denmark A/S offers SIGFOX technology and solutions to
Insurance and Security companies, Utility companies, Transport and Logistic companies, the Healthcare sector, the Agriculture sector , the Retail branch and many others….

… like Smart Homes and Smart Cities:
SIGFOX has provided Smart City solutions in Milan and Munich and IoT Denmark is currently involved in Smart City plans for a number of Danish boroughs and cities.

We look forward to showing and telling more about the new possibilities and opportunities this technology can enable and how we can help you, your products and services with a new, innovative and economically attractive approach towards the Internet of Things.